How to Do Digital Marketing for NGO and Non-Profits for Beginners in 2023

“If it is out of your scope. Learn it. Do it on non-profits. Do it for Free.”

In this marketing we will talk about, How we can be valuable to businesses that are out of the reach for normal marketers and digital marketer’s alike.

To embrace the patterns of learning. Learning is beautiful and If you’re helping and your focus is to learn the business and then utilize it to further enhance the market then that sort of learning is good and beneficial for all the people involved.

Even If a person is a millionaire or a person who is making good amount of money. Still, people need a helping hand in something. I chose to help and contribute in people’s life with all the skills that I had. During the tenure I discovered, It is more about the person than his wealth that matters.

if you can release a person’s pain point, something he is worrying about. It could be of his business then you become valuable for that person and if you stick to it, you find yourself getting projects, you always dreamed of.

And then If it happens naturally and you visit villas, hotels because now you are valuable to each other then that further helps you learn about the business models practically.

A business owner. A Villa owner have invested a huge amount of investment in building his place. To contribute in his business is a matter of honour and pride.

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