Cars Marketing – A Digital Marketer’s Guide

In our digital marketing guide on cars. We will try to keep things as simple as possible.  This article is for digital marketers only. It will give you insights as to how to conduct your business without any money in the pocket. 

This guide expects to be really in love with the field of cars and marketing in general. Without love and devotion, carrying out such things might not feel as great as they could be.

The Mindset of A Contributor

For our purpose, we will consider a ‘car’ as a product and we are not ‘customers’ here but find ourselves as contributors to the cars industry i.e. car customers, dealers, distributors, agency owners and companies.

If you consider yourself as a customer right from the start then you might miss the whole idea of car marketing. Putting yourself in customer’s shoes has its own place.

So as a simple question that you can ask yourself is – How can I contribute and make ‘xyz’ agency better without letting him explicitly telling that you’re going to do it?

Because once it is done. It is done. No proofs needed.

The first step – you need education of the cars field. We will start simple with –

In Education, we will focus on –

1. Cars Marketing Chain
2. Car Brands & Models
3. Cars Accessories
4. Cars Associated Products
4. Cars Associated Services

The Cars Marketing Chain

From Manufacturing and Production to Houses and Owners

Here is the ‘Market chain‘ behind the cars industry (taken from the Network Marketing Fundamentals)

1. There are Customers called as Leads to the Cars Industry who Purchase a Car.
2. There are Car Agencies, Business Owners, Dealers Who Sell it (first and second hand both)
3. There are Car Agency License Distributors.

How much A Car Agency License Costs?

4. At last, There are Car Manufactures.

In simple words, somebody manufacturers it somewhere and then somebody takes it from that point and drops it to the licensed dealers. Somebody has to sell that because somebody wants to buy.

The fundamental idea here is that the cost at which a Car manufacturer produces a car and the price at which he gives a car to the agents differ. With simple mathematics, manufacturing cost of a car differs from the selling price of a car.

Fundamental Idea : Manufacturing cost of a car differs from the selling price of the car. You can choose to come in contact with the Car manufacturers and distributors to know the actual rates.

So, what if in life, you find yourself contributing to car manufacturers. I would say, contribute as soon as possible and you will have your first car in your home at very less price as compared than the normal market..

This is one part of the story.

The second part is about the car brands out there. Each car brand offers models to the customers based on their budget and preference.

Read : Top 40 Car Brands in India with Their Official Websites.

Cars Classification Parameters

There are four parameters to quickly classify the cars range for the customers. This is how Car dealers separate the real buyers. These are –

1. Cars Under Certain Budget, We have cars under.

4 L, 5 L, 6 L, 7 L, 8 L, 10 L, 15 L, 20 L, 30 L and the Luxury Range.

The second parameter after budget classification of a car is ‘Body Type’, In body type, we have 11 choices, These are :

1. SUVs
2. Sedans
3. Hatchback
4. Compact SUV
5. Compact Sedan
6. MUV
7. Convertible
8. Coupe
9. Station Wagon
10. Minivan
11. Truck

The third parameter to further classify the car is the ‘Fuel Type’ i.e what a car needs to run on road.There are 4 categories under fuel type.

1. A Petrol Type
2. A Diesel Type
3. A CNG Type and my favorite
4. Electric Type.

The fourth Parameter to classify the car is the ‘Transmission Type‘. There are only two basic types of transmissions.

1. ‘Automatic’
2. ‘Manual’

After Transmission, comes the Seating Capacity i.e whether a car is a 5,6,7 or an 8 seater.

For the models in the cars, price range of each car brand, you can go refer carewale side by side. To know about the logos of the cars of the world, you can refer listcarbrands side by side.

The third part of the story is the businesses revolving around the cars. There are three broad categories of businesses around cars – Purely Ground Business, Purely Digital Business, Mixed Digital and Ground Business (Synced Approach)

In my observation, ground level businesses are not that updated these days in the cars industry and below is the market research.

Ground Level Businesses Revolving Around the Cars.

When I went to the pathankot market, I saw Om Motors, Prakash Honda, Roop Arts and others. I found the following business happening with cars.

1. Buy and Sell Business of New Cars was happening at Prakash Honda whereas Buy and Sell of Old Cars was happening at Royal CarBazaar

Car Maintenance Business was happening at Om Motors.

Car Taxi Business was Happening near the Railway Station and the Bus Station for the Tourists.

The Interesting fact these days is the ‘facilitation business’ around cars where you can buy and sell a new and an old car with your website and/or an android application. A facebook page or just an Instagram page with just your laptop.

Digital Businesses Revolving Around the Cars.

1. Car Games – Development, Designing, Marketing, Reviews, Buys and Sells.
2. Car Niche Blogging + Affiliate Marketing for managing the business type that interests you from above.
3. Cars Oriented Content Creation.

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