Bikes Marketing – A Digital Marketer’s Guide

In this Guide, we will be simple. We will first talk about all the great bike brands out there and then we will look into the budgets parameter, then replacement and finally the bike body style based on a customer’s need.

Here is a parameters list for your simplicity.

1. Popular Bike Brands
2. Bikes By Budget Classification
3. Bikes By Displacement
4. Bikes By Body Style

Popular Bike Brands

1. Hero Motorcycles and Scooters 
2. TVS Motors : TVS Motors have Scooters, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Electric and Three Wheelers.
3. Royal Enfield  
4. Bajaj Autos : They have built their own eShowroom for all their customers. You can visit eShowroom here.
5. Yamaha with a tagline of ‘Revs Your Heart’.
6. Honda
7. Suzuki
8. Yezdi
9. KTM
10. Jawa
11. 22kymco
12. Ampere by Greaves
13. aprilia
14. Ather
15. Benelli
16. Benling
17. BGauss
18. BMW Motorad
19. Bounce Bikes India
20. CFMoto
21. Ducati Moto, MotoGP & Superbikes
22. Emflux Motors
23. Evolet
24. Gemopai
25. Harley-Davidson
26. Hero Electric
27. Husqvarna
28. Indian
29. Joy e-bike
30. Kawasaki
31. Keeway
32. Lamretta
33. Lectro
34. Moto Guzzi
35. Moto Morini
36. Norton
37. Odysse
38. Okinawa
39. OLA
40. Pure EV
41. Revolt
42. Simple Energy
43. Techo Electra
44. Tork
45. Triumph
46. Vespa
47. Yo

Download : 47 Bike Brands Lists with Their Official URL(s) Excel Sheet List.

After a complete list of 47 bike brands, Our next task is to understand the customers who think in terms of money. So here are the money slabs for our clients. There are 12 major money slabs.

1. Under ₹ 50,000.00
2. Under ₹ 60,000.00
3. Under ₹ 70,000.00
4. Under ₹ 80,000.00
5. Under ₹ 1,00,000.00
6. Under ₹ 1,50,000.00
7. Under ₹ 2,00,000.00
8. Above ₹ 2,00,000.00

The next category to deal with bikes is ‘Displacement’ parameter.

1. Upto 100cc
2. 100cc – 110cc
3. 110cc – 125cc
4. 125cc – 150cc
5. 150cc – 200cc
6. 200cc – 250cc
7. 250cc – 500cc
8. Above 500cc

The last main parameter to think the bike products is the ‘body style’ of the Bike. There are 12 major body styles as mentioned below.

1. Sports Bike.
2. Scooter
3. Cruiser
4. Commuter
5. Street Bike
6. Super Bike
7. Cafe Racer
8. Scrambler
9. Adventure
10. Moped
11. Tourer
12. Maxi Scooter

Now all the above parameters are very static in nature i.e 47 Brands, 12 Bike Types, 12 Major Money Slabs. 

Another area to cover in Bikes Marketing is the latest news in the industry and the creative side of it. The creative side are full of emotions, puns and memes.

If you’re already having a store then to increase engagement, The interesting thing you can add to this recipe is all the popular bike games on mobile devices, laptop screens, Play stations and more 

How Can You Market This Knowledge Digitally and parallel on ground.

When I approached people on my instincts on ground, the whole experience was joyous but nothing tangible came out. I would say, develop a potential clients list on ground from their Google My Business Profiles in your locality and then approach the ones you would like to.

Often, my intent is to help out the clients who are not able to make their business run. I have chosen to do that but there are three choices usually. 

There are three choices you can make.

1. You can offer your digital services with rates. I didn’t like this as potential clients in my country won’t be offering that much in direct connections.
2. You can offer your digital services on commission bases. This is again a time consuming one. What if there are no sales at the end of your work and nothing really happens.
3. You can offer your digital services to your client on non-profits and contribution basis.

Once their business starts running, sustains and we have made some sales. talking about itwith a cup of tea. the client usually asks me – so how much do he needs to pay.

My classic and clear answer now is. “There is no need of payments as such. Please keep it. When the time is wrong in your life. this would help you. Remember your God and use it then.“. I don’t like taking donations explicitly and do the work actively on non-profits. My spending to build our foundation was done based on my own life experiences.

The catch here is – instead of money oriented relationships. It becomes a bonding. a friendship. But do ask a joint venture certificate that both of you actually worked and did all the work together to contribute towards society. 

The certificate is important as a proof of work to be added to your portfolio. Without this, trust me, nobody will trust you. Nobody is going to believe your work ethics and that you favored learning.

To add, I don’t like taking money from people explicitly. There is an advanced concept of ‘Value Marketing’.that surpasses Money based work sometimes.

But you have a ‘choice‘.

Now as you are working I encourage you to learn the business and digitally talk about it. Create content of your real life experiences that connects souls with you.

I give you a choice.You can choose to compensate here for Money online. Systems don’t have souls and If they pay you or not, It is one and the same thing for them. 

Other ways to earn from your knowledge is to develop a blog(s) around the niche of bikes. an Instagram, facebook, Quora page and/or Youtube channel(s) short/detailed videos.

The ways to market and make money from the Bikes are endless.

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