Passive Network Marketing – A Digital Marketer’s Guide

There are many network marketing companies out there.So, as a guide I will keep it as simple as possible for both of us. 

With my 09+ years of experience and expertise in the Network Marketing Observance. I have seen a lot many changes happening. 

This guide will help you either boost your sales or feel more confident doing so.

Since 2013. I have worked and contributed in almost all of them. Below are the lessons learned from the people and the systems who are from Network Marketing and Direct Selling backgrounds.

The Top Direct Selling (Network Marketing Companies with Their Official Website.

1. Oriflame: Oriflame is Sweden based. I met Sanjay sir & Kapoors. The club name was Dazzling stars.
2. Amway : I met Amandeep & Anirudh Sir. 
3. Vestige : I met bhatiya Ji from Pathankot.
4. Forever Living : I met th 64 Group.
5. Safeshop : I met the GET team of Chandigarh.
6. RCM : I met a person online.

Mistake Number One : I Purchased The Products/ Paid Money Out Of Pocket Without A Deliberate Delay. 

Mitigation : Over a period of time of learning this mistake of mine, I began to avoid paying money without learning the subject matter. Without reading the agreements and the details involved. 

I used to pay like this on the basis of feelings of humans. In marketing, that is doubtful and not natural. Words are being crafted and so are the feelings. So, better choose to learn the craft as much as possible before investing. Every penny counts afterall. The Opportunity cost of investing 10,000 in stock marketing is better than taking a risk of purchasing a product from a network marketing company. 

Even though  I use to invest blindfolded to MLMs. I deeply and completely forgive myself because I choose to learn without giving a single penny from my pocket.

What is Commonly Propagated in Network Marketing?

1. It is your business. On deep research, It was found company owner’s business but you will surely develop the business skills of patience and reslience.

2. We are a family. This can only happen If you treat them as family as well. But the question is, In famly we support each other and we don’t bypass people to tell others to market a company’s products.

3. You will have friends here. This one is true in my experience. As the time passed, I do made some friends. But when I left the groups, all friends died.

4. You are our shinning star which is being said to all : You will surely find the phony lines out there in the groups. These lines are clearly being rehearsed.

5. Invite your friends and family. Well, you have to. This is how it is being propagrated. In your business, you don’t have the pressure of a senior or your network rather you’re the owner and you run things as per to your own will.

The Dark Side of Network Marketing

1. You are made to believe that It is your business

Well my dad asked a simple question – Are you the Owner of this Business? I replied – No. I am a Direct Selling Partner.

The matter of the fact is , as long as you’re not the owner of the business. It is not at all your business. You are actually a commissioned based associate, a brand partner or a direct seller. You are not the owner. You’re only going to receive 05% to 10% commissions at the end of the sales period. The owner(s) of the network marketing company is the owner.

2. Undue pressure and the Network Inertia. If you’re doing sales manually, first pressure you will feel is to make more sales to make more money. It is fine when you’ve a huge network working for you but It is very strong when you’re beginning.

Such pressure can be easily bypassed with digital simulation of network marketing company you have joined.

3. Irresponsibly Propagating values : Money is not the highest value for everybody but in my experience, network marketing people propagated that as a value. For some, learning the system and the individuals and adding value to a network is more important than money.

4. Too much intensity detected. There would be multiple calls and multiple messages and It will all be lot of interruptions and distractions to you. A network marketing company promotes whatsapp business and groups as a mode of informing individuals about the products.

5. Visiting Homes raises Privacy concerns. If you’re not at your home and your associates come to meet and know more about your relations then that situation is not good to feel. Moreover, it raises unnecessary red warnings. 

Digital Marketing helps bypass this concern by not at all visiting anybody’s home neither facing a rejection nor telling people to ‘join join join’.

Most of the whatsapp groups usually get broken down or people exit in front of your eyes. This is demotivating to the admin. A well structured and proper website with links and motivation can help you bypass all that unnecessary events of people leaving you.

6. You have a Choice and You Should Have A Choice : In a network marketing company or a direct selling company, people are educated to sell their products no matter what warnings or grievances come from the customers or the people. You have a choice to tell about the pros of the product and the cons of the product. That will be true form of being a good direct seller. If you hide information or not tell people about it and let them experience it suffer from it then It adds up to buyer’s remorse. That simply means, you are leaving a bad impression on people who joined you and then you just left them behind.

The Bright Side of Network Marketing

1. It will help you raise your confidence. Some friendships and bondings do happen in network marketing. We can choose to appreciate personality of each other and work harmonously.

2. You will be having lots of experiences to share. Once you learn the products and then promote wisely the products you actually like which you have full confidence in.

If your values differ like mine did, then you can take your time to understand their mindset.

3. If you can offer full body checkups to people and then recommend associated health products from the network marketing company you’re connected then you will find the real patient blessing you.

4. You will have a team to support you for your goals. Team that actually gives you motivation to achieve your goals.

Be sure to read all the information about and around the product as you’re taking a responsibility of health improvement in someone’s life.

One of the important points is show the ad multiple times to the customer so that He feels an urge to connect with the right type of products.

Connecting customers with the right type of products for their life is a good deed. Connecting them with anything for the sake of money is not marketing but pure ‘get rich quick’ mindset.

Based on my experience, I recommend you to choose the health products as the last option to promote.You never know what will really happen. Rather promote products for agriculture, education and others as they are less risky when compared to the health category ones.

Network Marketing becomes what you want it to be. So many people lose. very few win. So, where all the money goes? To the company. Yes. that will always be the fact.

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