Digital Sales Fundamentals with Loanwiser

If Digital marketing is happening then you are suppose to focus on digital sales as well. One way a product gets sold is through your website but there are more ways to do the same thing. Let us see those ways below.

This article is going to talk about the ‘Promo Materials’ and would differentiate between the content marketing and ‘promo’ materials.

Table of Contents

1. Importance of Promo Materials.
3. Different Ways to Promote Services Digitally.
4. Promo. Sharing Platforms.
5. Create A Folder to Quickly Get Your Promo Materials for Reuse.
6. Different Types of Promo. Materials.
7. Best Promotional Share Practices.
8. How to Pitch Online.
9. Benefits of Using Your Service When Compared to Others or the traditional way.

Importance of Promo Materials.

Promo Materials are important to promote crisp information in your network that you are offering some services. For eg. If you’re offering loan services then you should share it in your network. Otherwise, How would People get to know that You’re offering something. 

If you are offering sensitive services or you fear losing friends, make sure your Business Number differs from Your Personal Number 

The Promo Material Shows Your Presence in the Market i.e. Brand Awareness.

People should know what services you exactly offer.

Customers will only come to you when they know you’re in the market.

Digital Promo. materials has the ability to attract customers from any area targeted.

Promo materials need to be ‘Product wise’. If you’re offering loan products then promo. materials for Personal loan, Loan Against Car, Used Car Loan, Business Loans.

What is Counted As A Promo Material?

Ad Creatives. Sign up Forms.

Different Ways to Promote Services Digitally.

1. Place the Ad Creatives on Your Own Web portal and application with the conversion link.

2. Create Black and White Versions of Ad Creatives and Test If they can give you leads.

3. Connect with Local Newspaper websites Digitally to Promote with your Ad. For example, If you live in  punjab, you can contact jagbani and other newspapers.

4. You can make a PDF and make it downloable for your customers and can submit that PDF in PDF submission sites. This will also give you backlinks.

Promo. Sharing Platforms.

1. Whatsapp Business.
2. Your Facebook Business Page
3. Your Quora Business Page
4. Your Youtube Channel Discussion Page.

More to add.

Promo. Materials Folder

A Promo Materials Folder containing a short video clip, creative and a GIF can help you reuse the material again and again. 

The blunder that many people do is that they create so many creatives and never use the already exiting ones properly.

This strategy would reduce the creative/graphic creation load on your business.

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