Local Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals by Amninder Singh

Key Points

1. Choose the Businesses Your Are Interested in by Heart.
2. Do Search Engine Optimization/Digital Marketing for Your City for Free.
3. You will find magic happening.

Choose the Businesses You’re Interested in by Heart: I use to be interested in the high ticket clients businesses. Few of them I am jotting down below.

1. Jewelry Business – Gold, Silver and Diamonds.
2. Clothing Business – Top Brands and Women Garments.
3.  Footwear Business
4. Immigration Business
5. Academy Business

Do Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing for Your City on Non-Profits or Free : With experience on ground, I found some of the people offered their own products and services on Non-Profits or Free when I took the bold step of offering my services for free. 

Once you’re done doing it. The vital step in this model is not to expect rather move on with your life. Later on, when the time is right, things fit in for you without expecting them to.

You can do this with the help of Google My Business. I suggest you to get certified for this skillset first and then visit the market to fine tune your skills.

Google My Business Certification Amninder S. Cheema

You will Find Magic Happening : I confess I connected with Ghai Laptop Solutions on Non-Profits and all of the services I provided let it be manual or digital, It all yielded during and in the end.

I mean to say, a friendship was being established when Rohit sir saw things happening with my hand. I felt good experiencing awkward things like How to send your parcels through public transport and how you can reduce the business expenses.

In return, Rohit sir offered me free windows installations for my entire life. Lol, I don’t know if that would really happen but he is a businessman and it is actually difficult for business owners to say things like that.

The quality I developed through this free work is of “Being Promising” and the free work lead to a faster financial freedom.

You can choose to try this business model in your city and do let me know your results in the comments below.

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