Schema Markups Complete Guide By Amninder Singh

Schema Markups Complete Guide By Amninder Singh

Not all websites are on the WordPress in this world. Some blogs exist on blogger as well.

Being on Blogger doesn’t mean you cannot use the latest advancements in the SEO field to earn more traffic. 

If you’re on Blogger and you have FAQs to be implemented in a blog post then you can use this schema markup generator to create the FAQs section for free.

This will allow your post to have more space covered in Google search results.

Doing this is going to attract more visitors to your blog as per to the research.

Now there are multiple schemas that can be implemented depending upon your post type. Some popular schema types are -article, recipe, How-to, jobs and FAQs.

People who use wordpress can easily use schema markups with the help of Rankmath SEO plugin.

Rankmath SEO plugin also has a PRO version but you can start with their free version as well. But PRO version offers multiple schema markups that can be implemented to earn more traffic from the internet

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