Blogging Complete Guide By Amninder Singh

To simplify, let’s think about blogging in terms of questions.

Few Questions for a Beginner could be –

1. How to start a blog?
2. Where to start blogging?
3. Why to start blogging?
4. How much money is needed to start blogging?
5. Why blogging involves investment.

Once you have started blogging, the next questions are going to be about traffic. Getting traffic mainly involves, Blog SEO, Blog Social Media Presence and Blog’s Search Engine Marketing.

1. How to bring traffic to my blog?
2. How not to bring traffic to my blog?
3. why do I need traffic to my blog? (Affiliate Marketing Blog vs Adnetwork monetization blog)
4. How much traffic per month is sufficient?

Once traffic is coming. the next questions could be about Monetization i.e making money about blogging and is it even possible?

1. How to Monetize my blog?
2. How not to monetize my blog?
3. Ad Networks: Google Adsense,, Infolinks and Google Adsense Alternatives.
4. Affiliate Marketing: Product Reviews.
5. Referral Marketing: Fixed Commissions per referral.

If you are using your blog as a portfolio of your work. do consider having a Google Analytics account to measure the effectiveness of your blog in terms of metrics like Bounce Rate (def. how many visitors stay on your website, say for a minute after opening it)

Were you looking for something that still works in the Blogging world? When then look no further. This complete guide is going to address all of your blogging problems one at a time.

Beginner Level Problems in Blogging

Problem of Direction : In Blogging, many people do the mistake of choosing a very broad niche. For eg : Cricket and then they are blogging alone and no one is there to help them. As a result, they quit sooner or later.

This problem comes when you have either chosen a very broad niche or you are switching from one niche to another like hoping to the next good thing in the market.

If it sounds similar to your own life situation then Don’t You Worry! I was at the same place.

The answer to this pressing problem that fails many bloggers is actually allowing yourself to be distracted. Even If you have chosen multiple niches then choose a niche of your choice. Do everything on that one blog and then complete it. Make videos, do social media around your blog and create a YouTube channel.

If you have chosen a broad niche then you are either in hope of some magic without logic. If you are working on your own then please consider my words – Pick up a small niche. Make a blog around your small topic. A complete blog around your small topic. Finish it! and Learn from Your Results.

My First Blog failed in 2013 But My Blog : MyNeo reached heights of visitors and viewers.All thanks to the mistakes I did and I feedback I took constructively.

Intermediate Level Problems in Blogging

Problems that Pro Bloggers Face While Blogging.

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