Google Ads Complete Guide By Amninder Singh

This guide is designed for you to help you understand and implement the Google Ads Search. So, Let’s Study Google Ads Search

1. Your Business Growth and Google Ads
2. Google Search : Significance
3. Google Ads Auction Fundamentals
4. Text Ads : Purpose
5. Ads Relevancy
6. Automated Bidding
7. Search Audiences
8. Optimization Score
9. Performance Planner

1. Your Business Growth and Google Ads

The first task is to understand Google Ads.

Google Ads is going to help you convert your audiences to your valuable customers

people search. your offerings

Why Google Ads?

Google Smart Technology at affordable prices

Advance your Business Goals (Complete Business Objectives)

1. Drive Sales | 2. Get Leads | 3. Increase website visits | 4. Influence Consideration (Encouraging People) | 5. Build awareness | 6.Promote your app

3 Main Benefits of Google Ads

Relevance | Flexible Control | Results

you really need to be clear with your business objectives  before applying advertising and specifically Google Ads. Without clarity, it might end up as a loss. With clarity, you might be able to leverage from the Google Ads.

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