Digital Marketing 101 Complete Guide By Amninder Singh

Digital Marketing OverView

This is Module 1 of our Complete Digital Marketing Course. You may see the complete syllabus here

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a way to use Digital Presence (Platforms, Tools) to market something and/or someone.By ‘Something’, I mean a product/service. By ‘Someone’, I mean a public figure, a personal brand or it could even be you.

Digital Marketing: Organic vs Paid

On the basis of Money, there are two major digital marketing pathways – Organic and Paid.

Organic means we are going to use the platforms to our best advantage without paying any cash from our pocket(s). If you ever see the word ‘Optimization’, that usually means, instead of money, skill set of the person was being used to do digital marketing.

This means – Search Engine Optimization – Example: Coming on the first page of Google Search Engine. This also covers Social Media Optimization. Eg: Your Facebook Page with regular posts.

Jobs for this type are SEO Experts, SEO Analysts.

Paid Advertising means, we are going to pay (big or small) to the digital platforms/companies to get our results. Jobs usually exist in this arena of Paid advertising too

Examples of Paid Advertising are – Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Marketing (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) etc

Digital Marketing: True Nature

True Nature of Digital Marketing is – It has the ability to heavily effect results of other marketplaces eg: stock markets, product markets and conventional markets.

A person with a webstore in india could be able to generate more money with more customers than a small shopkeeper with his shop somewhere in the remote land.

In this course, we are going to get certified, side-by-side creating our portfolios and then we are going to create job opportunities, (if you’re looking for a job!) and/or create business opportunities and help you get a kickstart and ofcourse, customize all this as per to your needs

Digital Marketing: People

Just like any other field of endeavor, Digital Marketing also involves people. This industry has 3 main pathways – SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

Few people worth mentioning are Neil Patel, Brian Dean at the international level.

At our national level, we have Harsh Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi, Anil Agarwal, Ankit Singla and many more.

There are few SEO companies as well like Moz and Seoland

Digital Marketing: Platforms

There are 2 broad categories of Digital Marketing platforms.

1. Blogging Platforms. These are mainly Google’s Blogger, WordPress, Wix etc.
2. Social Media Platforms. These are mainly Facebook, Instagram (A Photo Blogging and a Social Media Platform), Quora and Medium to name a few.

Digital Marketing: Tools

Once again, Digital Marketing Tools can be Free or Paid. Sometimes the trials are Free of cost and then you are suppose to pay once you are well versed with the tool.

1. Data Management ToolsHylyt, Trelo, Slack, Evernote etc
2. Complete SEO Tools – Ahrefs and SemRush

Once again, the course curriculum is here.

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