Youtube Complete Guide in 2023 By Amninder SIngh

There are few things to keep in mind before you start YouTube as a Passive Income Source or a Passive Network Marketing Platform. 

One is to avoid any copyrighted material from Google Images or any copyrighted song(s) [Doing so Triggers YouTube Algorithms for Copyright Claims and Channel Deletion(s)]

But, If you want to use images in your video(s) then look out for sites like pixabay as they provide you non-copyrighted images.

If you want to use background music in your video(s) then there is a YouTube Audio Library  (Free to Use and Monetize) 

When you’re uploading a video. just make sure, you rename the video to the actual title that is going to be there when the video is published on your channel (Good for videoSEO!)

As you begin, consistently uploading YouTube videos and eventually improving the content quality over a period of time is going to work better than perfecting your scenes/presentations for the months to come. (as per to my experience)

Because doing so is going to help you make more passive income sources. For eg., Below is one. I worked on it for less than 100 hours (actively) and it is there now. 

The problem is, Without regular maintenance, passive sources tend to become Dormant over time. I feel like, I should start giving some time (maybe 2 hours/week at least) to this one to fuel it’s presence once again.

The concept with passive income sources is You Start

When I started doing YouTube actively back in 2015. I realized people were not believing my approach in India and now I see almost everybody going after YouTube as their first choice.

Of course, this is going to happen with everyone who starts ahead but it would really be helpful to people like me, if someone at least say –“they believe”

But now I feel, even YouTube is getting crowded these days. New platforms like Tiktok have immersed as a better choice.

But YouTube is of quality than Tiktok in multiple ways. You can have Ad Revenue as one of your initial passive income streams.

They allow you to do affiliate marketing and digitally enabled network marketing.

Unlike Instagram with only one link in your Bio. Youtube allows you to place good quality links in the descriptions of your videos.

In fact, going with Oriflame recommendation link in the description of your YouTube videos can help you to have some brand partner signups under your belt too

Do use the programmatic features of the platform like cards and end-screens. They help you to improve the user experience.

Title, Description and Tags are are to be carefully placed. Make sure, you write title and then expand on that title in the description

Your #hashtags should indicate your title. Tags are also supposed to be taken from the title and the description (as a general rule).

If you have something in the tags and it is not there in the description that YouTube algorithms treat it as ‘Spam’

A thumb rule is -“Your Title, Description, Hashtags and Tags Should say one common thing for proper videoSEO (Search Engine Optimization)”

Don’t Delete Your Videos as they badly impact your channel’s reputation on YouTube. Rather make the videos private or unlisted if needed. But never delete your content online. That’s the thumb-rule.

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With a ‘Will to Start’ and the Basics Above, You will be able to ‘Shine’.

If you feel like you still want to ask something. Please ask me in the comments below.

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