How to Get Digital Marketing Certification Training for Free By Amninder Singh

Image Credits: SkillShop

Skillshop is a free-to-use platform to obtain certifications in Google Ads, Youtube and other related Google Product(s).

One of the popular certifications is Google Ads Certifications.

Just Obtaining a certification might not help you go anywhere. Although, you need to quality to obtain each of these certifications, you will need to actually implement the knowledge being delivered to you to do something in the industry.

If you can bring results to a company or you are results oriented, you are going to be considered valuable in the industry. It is like, When you apply something, you learn it. you increase or decrease something to obtain your results. Result Orientation is important.

Merely, obtaining these certifications might not help you that much. I’m Google ceritified or we are Google Partners. Well, you really need to develop such skills to put up such things on your website or with your personal brand.

There are many skillshop certifications that are we can do in this course. To optimize time, I’m going to customize it for you. If you need a job as a Google Ads Expert then you might not need to do Youtube Certifications.

There are many certifications, A trainer or a future trainer might need to do them all and create portfolio corresponding to those certifications. A job seeking person or a person doing some sort of business might need to only indulge in the ones that would help him/her achieve his results.

Once again, Results Orientation is important. If you have results, people are going to ask from you – How you did it? If you don’t have any, well then people hardly bother to ask anything and even if you tell them that this is the right way. Well, they won’t believe you.

Knowledge when applied to test things out generated results. Those results from that knowledge is the complete package.

You can see all my certifications (updated) here . You might also need to update your certifications. Skillshop certifications are valid for a year only.
 and ofcourse, their corresponding results(experiments) are going to be added here soon.

To save your time understanding the concepts, it is best to watch videos for the certifications.

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