How to Get Official Social Media Marketing Training From Facebook for Free

Image Credits: Facebook for Business

If you were to ask me, which certifications are available to do with facebook for digital marketing then they are here

There are 7 Facebook for Business Certifications. Facebook Certifications help you get advantage in the market. Having these is going to help you setup your portfolio better.

All the certifications come under the Facebook BluePrint Certification Program. These include a list of following certifications.

  1. Associate 100 – 101: Facebook Certified digital marketing associate
  2. Professional 200-101: Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional
  3. Professional 300-101: Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional
  4. Professional 400-101: Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional
  5. Professional 410-101: Facebook Certified media buying professional
  6. Professional 500-101: Facebook Certified ads product developer I
  7. Professional 510-101: Facebook Certified ads product developer II
  8. Professional 520-101: Facebook Certified ads product developer III

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