BloggersPassion SEO PlayBook Review By Amninder Singh

I started blogging in 2013, my first blog was I got to know that you need to do SEO of your blog to get traffic from Google. The approach I followed to learn about SEO was watching YouTube videos and reading blogs from here and there.

We all do that. Most of us learn in that way only. But, It adds up to the confusion if you’re a beginner and you listen to one seo expert and then you move on to the other. When you read one blog and then read anotherm all of this becomes haphazard and the learning suffers and so your results.

One Good Book can change your life

SEO Playbook - Anil Agarwal

As a beginner, If you want to blog and rank well on Google. It will take 6 months to 1 year or maybe more based on how much and how well you know SEO. Yes, SEO Skills can set you apart from the crowd.

In my experience, reading one good book on SEO (preferably an ebook) can quickly set you up on the right path.

80% of the people don’t read books. They are just like old you and old me and then they get lost in the competition without knowing the territory. 

Use Mindmaps and You’ll Never Get Lost My Friend!

You maybe a person who gets lost while reading ebooks. Don’t worry, I have a tool for you to deal with the ‘Getting Lost’ problem.

The tools is ‘mindmaps’.

To clarify your confusions and track your learnings, you can use mindmaps to read books. True Practical knowledge is formed by connecting concepts with each other.

See here, 

SEO Playbook Anil Agarwal Mindmap

You can use a free tool like Freemind to make your mindmaps.

3 SEO Confusions I had, that this book clarified.

It is really a good experience when you fill your knowledge gaps and you get going in the right direction.

Confusion 1 : Target Long tail keywords to get traffic from Google. But where exactly are those keywords? 

The answer I got was very simple actually. Right at the bottom of Google’s first page for a search query.

See here,

Primary Keyword Best SEO Tools

Long Tail Keyword Ideas for Best SEO Tools Keyword

Confusion 2 : I know what are LSI Keywords but where to find them?

The answer to this is same as above. i.e. LSI keywords are at the bottom of the first page for a search query on Google. LSI and Long tail keywords are same. 

Also in 2021, if you target LSI keywords instead of stuffing your primary keyword, you would rank better on Google SERPs.

Confusion 3: is my headline good? is my headline effective? would people click on my article when they find me on Google? This was very numbing in my experience.

I got this confusion clarified instantly from the book. Just analyse your headline using a a free online tool like : ShareThrough. It is going to analyze headlines from engagement and impression perspectives.

For example , the headline of this article is ‘How to Clear Your SEO Confusions All at Once : BloggersPassion SEO Playbook Review’. is this a good headline, you ask? 

Well it’s fair enough.

See the headline score here,

ShareThrough Headline Analyzer

It is 74. So, where there is data. There is clarity.

BloggersPassion SEO Playbook : Is it worth your Money?

There are 6 long chapters in this book. At the time of writing this post, the book costs around 1500 INR for Indians and $20.00 USD if you’re from outside India.

1500 divided by 6 is 250 per chapter which is hardly $3.50 USD

First chapter teaches you SEO fundamentals. If you ask someone to teach you the SEO basics for $3.50 USD. would they agree? Heck no! Even I would charge $50.00 USD to teach you the basics.

Similarly, you’ll learn about SEO Friendly Design , keyword research, content optimization, link building, SEO Tools and Resources, each for just a cost of $3.50 USD.

Investment on learning is a good choice!

And remember,just a good book like this one, is going to place you ahead of 80% people in the SEO industry.

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