How to do Digital Marketing for Real Estate Business for Beginners in 2023

The first step of digital marketing in any field is ample amount of time for market research. For the sake of this blog, we would take reference of 99acres.

Types of People

First, let us talk about the type of people in property dealership.

1. Buyers
2. Sellers
3. Tenants
4. Owners
5. Dealers
6. Builders

All the above people who are not strong digitally or are facing tough competition in the real world could be your potential clients. You can build their local reputation, arrange calls to them using Google My business approach.

Types of Properties

Then, let us talk about the type of properties in Property Dealership.

1. Apartments
2. Builder Floors
3. Independent House
4. Plots and Lands
5. Serviced Apartments
6. Studio Apartments
7. 1 RK Flats
8. Farm Houses

One of the features of 99acres is – Rental Agreements can be created in an hassle-free manner.

Then to get the real feel of all these properties I recommend you have good terms with owners, realtors, commission agents, builders, buyers, tenants

Real Estate Mindset Motivation 

You can Have this book (tap to buy) to get inspired and have that way of thinking about real estate fundamentals.

For example, I have a friend in a real estate agency, Hindustan Realtors and they use digital marketing to gather leads for their business.

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RERA Property Dealership License

To understand this part of the process, we will talk about RERA Punjab License. It costs 5000.00 for an individual and 25000 for other than individuals.

Tap here to know about RERA Punjab with BankBazaar.

The Bargains of The Real Estate

You can offer these tips to help out your client’s buyers and sellers.

As per to Robert Kiyosaki, “We earn in Real Estate when we are buying a property not when we’re selling it”. That bargain is your earning. So, don’t expect earnings on selling the properties rather earn from the ‘bargain’ as you buy one. 

Usually, when someone is in immediate need of money and want to sell their property then they would sell it at a very small rate to get the quick money.

Agricultural or village land is very cheap and affordable as compared to the land in the sub-urban and urban areas.To further reduce the rates, you can buy a land that is far in the village than on the outskirts.

In the digital era, buying a land inside the village will save you lots of money and will give you land to build your office. Village properties and lands.

I went to a local property advisor to know about my locality rates and he said they are usually 5L to 10L for the shops. As we continued talking, he showed me a shop for 4L without the Roof. People are really interested to offer shops on rents i.e 3,000.00 to 7,000.00.

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