How to do Digital Marketing for Fashion Business for Beginners in 2023?

The world of fashion attracts you. Right?

A Man or a woman can choose to become presentable by becoming knowledgeable about the fashion fundamentals. 

A woman becomes more charming when she gets to know and implements the fashion fundamentals. 

and Kids are lovely whether they are fashioned or just moving across the floor bare naked.

So what are those fashion fundamentals.?

This fashion marketnig guide is also intended to improve your looks and style. Keeping that in mind, let us continue. 

It will give you a sense of comfort in the world of fashion. After all what we market  is what we become.

To start, I want you to go to your local big stores and/or malls with a notepad and a pen. This is a ‘breakthrough idea’ of my fashion marketing world. It saves you time, gives you good air to breathe and makes you feel young. Once you’re are there. I want you to go into the clothing section and checkout for all the clothes as much as you like.

You can even choose to try the clothes that you like. Note the labels somehow. One good way is to click a picture of the label in the changing room. Note down the price of the product and later on find yourself connecting with the manufacturers.

The fundamental pattern we are working with here is – Education, Experience and Excess Cash.

First, when you educate yourself, the prices go down and split for you. My perspective is when you see a cloth in a showroom. You will see it’s label. The label tells you all. 

The little secret from network marketing world or business supply chain is – The cost of manufacturing a product and selling it to customers. There is a huge margin in that. You should find myself becoming friends with cloth manufactures in your nation.

This will help you have your clothing needs and your girlfriends, wife, parents and kids clothing needs minimal. You will be saving on those margins of yours.

The next part of this guide talks about the fashion categories and drills down to specific brands.

So, when we talk about the fashion world, we get to know there are 3 main categories to understand in it.

1. Fashion for Men.
2. Fashion for Women.
3. Fashion for Kids

Fashion for Men

We can understand fashion for Men in six main categories. These are –

1. Clothing for Men.
2. Shoes for Men.
3. Watches for Men.
4. Jewelry for Men
5. Eye wear for Men.
6 .Wallets for Men.

Digging one level Deeper, we have 12 different types of clothing for men. These are –

1. T-Shirts &Polo’s.
2. Shirts.
3. Trousers.
4. Jeans.
5. Innerwear.
6. Sportswear.
7. Sleep & Lounge Wear.
8. Ethic Wear.
9. Ties, Socks & Belts.
10. Suits & Blazers.
11. Sweaters.
12. Jackets & Coats.

and then there are 10 categories of shoes.

1. Sports Shoes.
2. Formal Shoes.
3. Casual Shoes.
4. Sneakers.
5. Loafers & Mocassins.
6. Flip-Flops
7. Boots
8. Sandals & Floaters.
9. Thong Sandals.
10. Boat Shoes

When we talk about Men’s Watches, there are broadly 3 categories.

1. Metallic Watches.
2. Chronographs.
3. Leather.

In jewelry, we have Rings and Bracelets.

In eye wear, we have sunglasses, spectacle frames and eye lenses.

Each of the above categories have brands in them and each product is going to have a price.

Fashion for Women

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