Easy Referral Marketing Guide + I made 4000+ Referrals with this!

I have made more than 4000 referrals on 2captcha website with the help of a blog website and a Quora account. 2Captcha is a captcha typing website that pays you for typing correct words shown on the screen.

 So, how to make these many referrals? Let’s find out.

The first step to make referrals is to get you a .com domain. This is going to hardly cost you $12.00 USD which is less than ₹ 1000.00.

Click here to purchase your .COM domain .Want to get a domain for half the price? No problem. Use this special link to purchase your .COM domain for just around $5.98 which is less than ₹ 650.00.

Once you have purchased a .com domain. You need to connect it with Blogger. This will save you lots of money from hosting charges that other platforms like wordpress and wix charge.

9 Simple Steps to create your Own blog Under $12.00 ( 1000)

1.  Go to blogger.com and click on ‘Create Blog

Blogger Platform Sign Up

2. Sign up with your suitable Gmail account.

3.  Once signed up, you can create New Blog from Left.

4.  Choose a blog name. for example – let me choose ‘simpleblogfortesting‘ and click on ‘Next‘ as shown below.

Enter your blog name.

5. Enter the address of the blog. Make sure the address is available then click on ‘Save‘.

Enter Blog Address
Enter Your Blog Address. Type something that is available.

Wow! your own amazing blog is created now!

6. Next step is to connect the .com domain you just bought from domain.com or namecheap.com with the blogger platform. If you still need to

Click here to purchase your .com domain or Use this special link to purchase your .COM domain for just around $5.98 which is less than ₹ 650.00.

7. See on left and Go to Settings. Now, scroll down and find ‘custom domain‘. as shown below.

8. Click on Custom Domain. This will show two CNAME records in the red text paragraph.

9. Go to your domain.com account dashboard. In the DNS Settings, you will see two CNAME records to update. After adding these two records in the DNS, just wait for one to two hours to get your domain connected. 

Voila! your blog website is ready now!.

How to make referrals with the help of Articles on your blog?

To make referrals, you need to pick a website that you want to promote with the help of writing article(s) around it.

You just need to write simple content and insert your referral link. See below. the text in blue is a referral link. It is that simple.

There are 4 types of content that you can create to promote a website.

1. Website/Product Reviews.

2. Product Comparison Posts.

3. List type Posts (Top 5, Top 10).

4. How To’s i.e. processes that include the website you want to promote. For example, you can write how to earn free bitcoin and then include links to all websites that can help someone earn bitcoin.

Tip : Make sure you use rel=”nofollow” to promote your referral/affiliate links as it would protect you from blogger terms and conditions and privacy policy.

To start with, just click on New Post and write a small article on a certain website. With time and practice, you would enjoy writing.

This is the entire process to obtain 4000+ referrals that I used.

Hope you liked this blogpost. Please share if found useful! 🙂

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