How to Get Leads for Your Consultancy Firm in Minimum Budget Possible?

 I was doing digital marketing for Wisdom Overseas Consultants, Pathankot. The challenge was to get leads in minimum budget possible.

Unfortunately, the traditional method of facebook fetching leads for you was very costly. It was like INR 50.00 to INR 200.00 per lead. So We went to a different track.

Instead of Lead ad, we went for a post engagement ad. Post engagement ads are very cheap as compared to messenger ads.

Now, we picked up a product and placed a post engagement ad. Within 10 rupees,we were having 17 likes i.e. 17 potential leads who showed interest in our product.

Then the next step was to visit each person in their inbox and chat with them. Eventually for every 10 talks, 1 lead was there.

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