5 Easy Digital Marketing Ideas to Just Double Your Real Estate Business

Have you ever seen a real estate business using digital marketing tools and tips to reduce their business workload. In our recent collaboration with Pathankot property linkers, we could successfully achieve this feat.

Pathankot property linkers is a property dealership business in pathankot, punjab that uses digital marketing to reduce their business efforts.

Pathankot property linkers is owned by Rajeev Mahajan sir which manages real estate services across pathankot and we at diginabled were able to help the business transit into digital mode faster.

Real life Business Automation

To do real life business automation, we use Google sheets to maintain database of our clients. This helps us sort how many buyers we have and how many people want to sale their properties. But we first note it down on a notebook and then move to the online excel sheet. Google sheets is again better than offline microsoft excel as they are accessible from all the devices.

As per to Rajiv Ji, properties are like stocks we have, when the interest of the buyer and the seller match then the deal closes.

The second idea is to use photography and videography to make footage of the site. This would help us avoid going over and over to the property for each and every potential buyer or tenant.

We avoid sharing this data with the people on the first go and tell them to visit our office instead. This helps us build reputation in the market.

Once the client is like 80% ready after listening and watching the videos in the office, we then go with him or her to visit the location.

The third thing we do in terms of digital marketing is to accept reviews from our office visitors on Google My Business. This is a long term reputation building strategy and it works like a charm to build up the local customers. See below,

The fourth idea is to use social media like Instagram to put pictures of properties i.e plots, homes and others. To reduce overthinking in the business, few templates are designed to promote the business on instagram with ease.

Templates are best to use when there are only a handful of people running a business.
The fifth idea is to create two whatsapp business groups. One for the officials working in the firm and other for the public. 
The data first goes in the official group and then goes into the public group after approval of Rajeev Mahajan. Now the catch here is we are not adding people in our whatsapp group rather sharing the invite link and if they are interested they join with their own willingness. This helps avoid the bad feeling of people living the group.
These five digital marketing ideas are more than can really help a real estate business infact any business to run online and get quality leads passively.

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