ChatGPT : The Secrets to Run Your Digital Marketing Services Business 10X Faster

I was working with Milestone Consultancy Pathankot team (Immigration) on their Digital Creatives side and I realized one thing. Since we are creative by nature .Sometimes, It becomes difficult to actually complete the work in time in accordance with the client.

There is 80 – 20 rule called Pareto Principle in the business world. It says, 20% of the your efforts will yield you 80% of the results. It is also called as a “principle of least effort”. You can choose to eliminate the other less output generating tasks from your process to achieve more in less amount of time for the client.

Earlier, I use to do lots of creative stuff to let the client feel good about his brand but over the period of time, I realized, It is better to ask client requirements and offer him 2 – 4 designs. You can spice it up with some creativity but not too much.

Too much creativity away from the client requirements could be good for you but not for the person who is going to pay you or assess you based on your work efforts and productivity.

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