Crypto Marketing – A Digital Marketer’s Guide

To keep this guide simple. We will talk as broadly as possible.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Cryptocurrency Marketing
2. Main Artifacts of the Cryptocurrency Market(s)
3. How People Make Huge Money in the Crypto Market.

To understand the crypto market, you need to know it is about 3 major things.

1. Cryptocurrencies
2. NFTs
3. Metaverse

Cryptocurrencies have been lately accepted as the new means of value exchange through the digital as well as in our world. 

It started before 2010 to tackle inflation problems. In 2022, things have been developed a lot in this area. It just started with 5 cents around 2010. 

The Cryptocurrency Market Main Artifacts

In the Cryptocurrencies area, we have 

1. Cryptocurrencies
2. Cryptocurrency exchanges
3. Cryptocurrency Wallets
4. Cryptocurrency Faucets

In the NFTs area, we have –

1. NFTs Collections : On CoinMarketcap, 2800+ NFT collections are being listed.
2. NFT Platforms : 3 platforms i.e. Etherium, Binance Smart Chain i.e. BSC and Solana.
3. NFTs Categories : There are many categories for NFTs, below are the trending ones. Drawing, Art, Metaverse, Entertainment, Digital, Premium, Image and Immaterial

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

In Cryptocurrencies, we have now 200 Cryptocurrencies enlisted on CoinMarketCap. the popular ones are –

1. Bitcoin.
2. Litecoin.
3. Basic Attention Token
4. Dogecoin.
5. Solana
6. Ox
7. Etherium
8. Algorand

Crypto Exchanges

There are 4 types of Crypto Exchanges as of now.

1 Spot Exchanges :There are 294 spot exchanges are being listed on Coinmarketcap (Tap Here to See)
2. Derivatives Exchanges : There are 44 Derivatives exchanges.
3. DEX Exchanges : 206 DEX exchanges.
4. Lending Exchanges : 3 Lending exchanges namely ‘AAVE’ , ‘Compound’ and ‘Venus’. 

This makes it a total of 547 Crypto Exchanges which is a huge number.

Crypto Advertising Networks

The ad networks that support the flow of digital content around Cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the internet are-

2. Push.House
3. Ad Dragon
4. CoinZilla
5. Ad Ex Network.
6. Coinverti
7. Cointraffic
8. CoinAd
9. Adshares
10. A-Ads
11. Token Ad
12. CryptoAdsManager
13. Propeller Ads
14. Bittraffic
15. Varanida

How People Make Money in the Crypto Market

As a digital marketer, I would like to tell you a path that would of low risk and high returns. It will make you more knowledgable, intelligent and worthy of conducting New Cryptocurrency projects like me.

1. Start with Market Research and Side by Side Blog About it. Makes Videos on It. Monetize that blog with Crypto ad networks and affiliate programs like Coinsutra.

2. Once You have enough knowledge and grip of the subject matter. Make Information Products for the Beginners. An Informaton product is an ebook.

3. Join Affiliate Programs to Sell Crypto related products once you have created the content well around the topic. For eg. you can buy a sample and make content around it with your own real life videos. Below is the list of Affiliate Programs that you can join to start your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

I would recommend you to buy the sample for sure but not in the beginning out of interest but when you have created all the content and done all marketing without your own real life video demonstrations around the product.

4. Refer and Earn From the Exchanges and Apps oriented.

5. The last step for you to do is to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies for Trading. In 2022, Cryptocurrencies are not yet stabilized for that purpose. As of now, you can just earn Cryptocurrencies and save them in your own interest giving wallets as their are staking rewards these days.

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