Google Ads Measurement Simplified By Amninder Singh

Google ads measurement certification exam is held to demonstrate your ability to calmly measure and optimize digital ad performance using the measurement solutions provided by the platform.

The users certified from the organization are recognized that they actually understand the metrics that matter and can eventually tun key insights into action to improve Google Ads performance and hence make an impact on their business.

Once you’ve earned the google ads – measurement certification, Google recognizes that you will be able to translate marketing objectives into the needed measurable actions.

You’re able to setup tracking to effectively measure the department or organization’s sales, it could be app downloads/installs or can even be the leads.

You do understand the analysis part of insights from your conversions tracking data.

You will be able to choose the right attribution model for your or your client’s business goals.

Below are the points to ponder for this certification exam.

1. To customize data tracking in the conversions column, you can use the “include” in Conversions setting.

2. To improve conversion rate, you can use negative keywords to refine audience traffic. You can also use specific keywords for better conversion rates and finally you can even use the search terms report to reach the right type of customer’s profile.

3, Two important statements to make about Attribution reports are – App conversions and store visits are not included in the attribution reports. The reports can help you estimate how changes to your company’s attribution model might impact the conversion reporting.

4. If you find yourself with a company client that designs coffee mugs. The company wants to observe which of your video creatives makes the viewers remember their brand best. The Google tool you can suggest them is going to be “Brand Lift“.

5. Data-driven attribution models uses machine learning (ML) to evaluate the individual customer paths.

6. Three known ways identified to optimize a campaign after assessing a search campaign’s performance are – Assess which audience targeting is performing the best and just double down it. Second is to remove the creatives that are poorly performing and just test out the new ones. At last, try turning on the automated bidding.

7. If you’re given a task to run a video campaign online and you realize that the overall views are high but engagement rates are low. Then you can ask yourself following questions to properly investigate – 

Q Were there any possible execution level missteps taken during the time?
Q Was our creative effective in getting attention and highlighting the brand?
Q Was the right audience being targeted?

8. Good measurement habits for any individual or a company are – Bring data to all of your meetings. Encourage learning from the failures and run tests continuously.

9. If a visitor clicks on search ad about lipsticks then eventually buys it online three days later by clicking on a facebook ad of the same product. Then, the day the ad is clicked would be the day where Google Ads credit the conversion.

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