Facebook Ads Complete Guide in 2023 By Amninder Singh

Facebook Advertisement Handout By Cheema Foundation

Facebook Advertisement Handout Quick bits By Cheema Foundation.

1. You can choose your target audience using Facebook ads

2. On Facebook, you can sponsor a post to specific audience age, gender and location.

3. You won’t believe but half of Facebook visits come from mobile devices.

4. CTR simply stands for Click Through Rate.

5. In Facebook advertisements i.e. Facebook ads, once a budget is set, it cannot be changed.

6. Facebook supports hashtags so do use them generously in your posts.

7. Photos and especially videos get attention on Facebook.

8. Facebook ads are paid for CPC i.e. Cost Per Click and as per to CPM i.e. Cost Per Mile as well.

9. For Your Business Promotions, you can do 3 main things primarily – Create a business page, share services on the business page and promote your business page using WhatsApp status. (do promote in a way that avoids irritating people.)

10. GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise can use Facebook Ads for the business and resell this to the client in ₹ 2500.00. So, you can charge the same. That would be healthy and competitive.

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