Digital Detox – How I reduced my Business Stress Levels Down to 05%

If you’re into business then one day or another, there would be too much stress and interactions in you, through you and around you. This might worsen with the fact that these days brands, companies, firms and businesses can reach you through your Whatsapp, notifications and e-mails,

If you’re like me into digital marketing and sales. Then learning different forms of marketing might feel heavy. There could so much of interaction points between you and the other brands that it might raise your stress levels to the next level for no specific reason.

The Symptoms of High Stress Levels are – 

1. Dry mouth.
2. Irritation.
3. Anxiety
4. Becoming reactive instead of responsive.

Specifically, I was experiencing these a lot and not much was happening.

Two main but simple actions that helped me to reduce and diminish my day to day stress levels are 

1. Whatsapp Block Feature – I blocked individuals from all network marketing companies. As such, the system in MLM, network marketing is strong but the way the people conduct it. Well, everybody is still earning (learning). 

Doing this simple act helped me immediately reduce my interaction messages. Bae, gave me this idea when she blocked me online as I was teasing her.

 2. Second important step in this drill was to to Exit from All Generic and Unnecessary Groups.
2. Disabled App notifications.

In business, when Notifications became Interruptions, the employee and employer productivity both fell down.

When I saw a few of the contacts who were regularly forwarding messages to me on WhatsApp. I realized not all of them are important or valuable. Moreover, it was causing stress and I didn’t like it.

After all, the profile belongs to you and you have full right to manage your interactions. Other profiles are not real humans as such. All that is needed is to block unnecessary numbers and exit from all the unnecessary groups like Network Marketing groups (if they are causing you stress and tension).

The next thing that happened with me was I was receving and getting bombarded with too much notifications from too many apps.

Most of the notifications were offers, mails, reminders from 3rd parties.

For eg, If you install youtube then sooner or later it would begin to suggest you videos based on your interests and profiling. So, the point of concern is with other apps like blinkit etc.

So, I disabled all these notifications based on the recommendation of my mentaor Mr. Suresh Sharma Ji, MD. Hello Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

It was so life-changing that I began to think clearly and found myself doing the things that I always wanted to do. It just made me more productive as such in the areas that I want to pursue through my non-profits, activism, business, and life.

Moreover, if there are certain phone numbers that you want to interact with. You can actually block them for your peace of mind.

Why I stopped updating GenericWhatsapp Statuses – Ideology behind. 

Whatsapp is not paying me to do all this. It is just a feel that we get once we have updated our status and people have seen it.

Moreover, this concerns a sort of information leak and different people might have different opionions about your progress. Some would feel good and some mihgt just feel envy.

As an Investor of Time,  Money, and Business Value Intellect, I found myself choosing not to upload generic Status(es)  rather “go out” and actually enjoy the Air, the Water, the Sky along with the quality people who are as valuable as you’re .

The same can be applied to your relationship problems, If you’re facing problems interacting on cell phone. You can actually go out and meet your friends & family. 

This simple act of writing helped me express better in my own time and at my own convenience and that adds up to my value.

These notifications grab your attention and another mental pathway starts. If you like it. fine. but if there is too much to do and too little time then it is better to be off them.

This heals your attention span very quickly and adds value to your time as well.

Now, notifications and emails could be important. So, it could be the traditional way of dealing with them that can help.

1. To check needed apps and e-mails once in the morning and once in the evening. 
2. To check as and when Needed.


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