Keyword Research Made Easy Ebook Review By Amninder Singh

I’m a believer of conscious blogging where we make small executable plans with a definite purpose in the mind and execute. Let it be blogging or any other field of endeavor, plans and research play an important role.

In the initial days, as per to me when you focus on generating purpose oriented smaller content in sprints of 30-60 minutes, That might add value to your blog since you were not just planning for months in your mind but were actually blogging on the ground.

As you grow up, you need to bring high quality to the same content either by expanding it for 3000+ words or really not just writing for the people but start writing for the search engines as well.

Keyword Research Made Easy by Anil Agarwal BloggersPassion

When you consider the search engines as well alongside the user intent, you need to do Keyword Research. When I read Keyword Research Made Easy by Anil Agarwal, I noticed 3 types of keywords being explained there. These are short, medium and long-tail keywords.

Keyword research might not be the need in case of ecosystem marketing or social media marketing. But, in Affiliate Marketing, keyword research matters a lot, especially, when you are focusing on Bringing Traffic from the Search Engines and your conversions depend on it.

I recommend this book to the ones who want to learn the basics of keyword research and want to use the best in the industry tools to do so. There are even Free keyword research tools mentioned in the ebook.

So why wait? Just now, I invite you to read the book and start doing affiliate marketing like a pro.

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