Introduction to E-Commerce Website by Amninder Singh

1. Doing business electronically, doing business, and sale of goods; all three describe e-commerce.

2. B2C is the main type of e-commerce.

3. On an E-Commerce Platform, you can sell – services, products, and even wholesale items.

4. Paypal, Razorpay, Bill Desk, and PayUMoney are some good examples of payment gateways.

5. Shipping costs can be calculated on the basis of distance, flat, and state.

6. Some good online payment forms are Credit/Debit Card, Internet Banking, and Paytm. Cheque is an offline payment method.

7. Payment Gateway fees is usually 02 – 03% for every transaction.

8. FAQ, Review, and Enquiry can be added on an E-commerce website.

9. Sales Reporting E-Commerce Website, product quantity can be managed by Inventory Management.

10. GST Can be added on Product Price (Inclusive & Exclusive Both)

11. E-Commerce Product purchased notifications can be generated by Email, SMS and Whatsapp.

12. From the “Order & Tracking” section, you can track the order in the E-commerce website.

13. For a better customer experience we should provide 30 days money-back guarantee if Product is not used.

14. When there are many sellers selling from a Single website, this is called Market Place.

15. Invoice Generated by System should Include 3 parameters – Price, GST & Shipping.

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